Pokemon Blaze Black 2 ROM

Download Pokemon Blaze Black 2 ROM for the Nintendo DS emulator. You can play a modified version of a game on your computer using a special program called a Nintendo DS emulator. This hacked version is called Blaze Black 2, and it’s based on the Pokemon Black 2 game. Someone named Drayano made this version more interesting. You can get the game files to play it in English, and it’s made for people in the USA. In this version, you can choose starter Pokemon from Generation VI, and you’ll find Pokemon up to Generation 7. The game also has new places to explore with nice pictures. There are also new abilities and moves for the Pokemon. To play this changed version, download the game and the emulator for your computer, and then you can start having fun!

ROM NamePokemon – Blaze Black 2
File Size151.43 MB
ConsoleNintendo DS


This game plays just like other modified versions like Pokemon Volt White 2. There’s a new character to play as, and the big thing is that you can catch all 649 Pokemon in the Pokedex. The trainers you battle against are tougher than in the original game, and they have different Pokemon on their teams. The wild Pokemon you find in different places have also been changed. There are some new special items you can use too. The person who made the game, Drayano, also made some other changes. They made Pokemon stronger or weaker, changed their types, what they can do, and the moves they can use. So, it’s like a new and exciting version of the game to try!

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pokemon blaze black 2 screenshot

Download Pokemon Blaze Black 2 ROM For Nintendo DS Emulator

Download ROM File Download Emulator

Below we have shared a direct download link of the ROM file so that you can download it easily. Files are uploaded to the highspeed server and the link is resume-able. You will not face any kind of issue while downloading the ROM and emulator. Our purpose in sharing this post is to share the direct download link of Pokemon Blaze Black 2 ROM. The method to play this game on Windows Computer is shared below. So just download the ROM file & NDS emulator which is DeSmuME and follow the simple steps to play this game.

How To Play Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Version On Windows PC

  1. Download the Pokemon Blaze Black 2 ROM from the above direct download link.
  2. Download the NDS emulator as well to run this game on your computer.
  3. Install the Nintendo DS emulator and open it to load the ROM file. Also, adjust the display settings.
  4. Now load the ROM file from inside the emulator and click on the Start button.
  5. Now enjoy playing this game on your Windows System without any barrier.


In conclusion, downloading the Pokemon Blaze Black 2 ROM is a great way to enjoy the game without having to spend any money because we are providing this hack version of the Pokemon Black 2 ROM free of cost. It is also a great way to get introduced to the Pokemon world. If you are looking for a new game to play, I highly recommend you download the Pokemon Blaze Black 2 ROM.

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