Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM

Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM latest version download for GBC Emulator. This ROM is the hack of the Pokemon Crystal Version. This ROM hack is created by ShockSlayer in the English language. It is a GBC version ROM hack and the story follows a young trainer as they explore Kanto and its many cities. Along the way, they will encounter wild Pokémon from all generations and even some brand-new species that have never been seen before in any other game! Players can also look forward to encountering gym leaders and Elite Four members who are more difficult than ever before. So download the ROM file and emulator file using below link below to enjoy it on your Windows Computer.

ROM NamePokemon – Crystal Clear
File Size2.8 MB
ConsoleGame Boy Color


In Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM, Players assume the role of a young boy named Steven who is on a quest to become a Pokemon Master. You choose your character from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, or Silver. Choose from 24 Starter Pokemon as well. Aside from choosing your character and Starter, you can also choose where you start your adventure. You can explore the Kanto and Johto Region, much like the Gen 2 games. This also means you can compete & fight against all 16 Gym Leaders and both Elite Four groups. The roster of Pokemon as of now is around 251, all up to Gen 2, which includes the Legendary. The game will still get future updates so stay tuned.

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pokemon crystal clear gameplay

Download Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM For Game Boy Color Emulator

Download ROM File Download Emulator

You can easily download the Pokemon Crystal Clear Version ROM for free by using the direct download link. As you know this is the mod of the Pokemon Crystal version. Play this awesome game on your PC by downloading the GBC emulator and the Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM. Pokemon Crystal Clear is one of the most popular Pokemon Crystal mod games. This fan-made game has plenty of content to keep players busy. With over 300 Pokémon to collect, random battles against trainers on every route, daily events in each city, side quests, and mini-games – there’s something here for everyone. You just have to run the ROM file inside the GBC emulator to play the game on your Windows PC.

How To Play The Pokemon Crystal Clear Version ROM On PC

  1. Download the Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM file from the above high-speed link.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file in the system where you want to play.
  3. You will need a GBC emulator to play this hacked version of ROM.
  4. Also, download the GBC Emulator like VisualBoyAdvance or any other you like.
  5. Install the emulator or run it if you have downloaded the portable one.
  6. Then locate the ROM file from inside the emulator and click on the RUN button.
  7. Adjust the various settings like display and controls as you want before running the game.
  8. Now start playing the hack version with full enjoyment.


In conclusion, Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM is an excellent game for players who want to relive their favorite moments from the Crystal version. The game is available for free download, so there’s no reason not to try it out! The Pokemon Crystal Clear rom is the best game for all Pokemon fans, and now you can join them on their adventure through the mythical Kanto region. With updated graphics and a new storyline, this remake of the original game promises to be an even more thrilling journey than before. So download the ROM file and Game Boy Color emulator to enjoy it on your Windows System.

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