Pokemon CrystalDust ROM

Pokemon CrystalDust ROM latest version download for GBA Emulator. Pokemon CrystalDust was created by the Sierraffinity in the English Language by using Emerald Codebase. It is a hack of the Pokemon Emerald version. In this hack version, you have to choose either Gold or Kris and make your way across the Johto region and some parts of the Kanto region. You have to explore the area and complete the challenges in time to become the Pokemon master. It is the best mapping, scripting, and fan-favorite game. The Pokemon CrystalDust voted for the best scripting. Explore the hidden Pokemon and Pokeballs in the region to gain more power and EXP points. We are providing version 3 of CrystalDust.

ROM NamePokemon – CrystalDust
File Size6.78 MB
ConsoleGameBoy Advance

Summarized Story Of Pokemon CrystalDust

As soon as the Pokemon Crystal Dust game starts you will come to know that you have been given the shoes of Red. The main goal for you is to become the Pokemon master and rule over different Pokemon creatures available in the Johto and Kanto regions. You will have access to certain different places and things in the game. You can visit and explore all those hidden areas and places which was forbidden in the previous game hack of the Emerald Version. All the scripts and missions are unique and new in this hack version. Various kind of new Pokemon from Gen IV and V has been part of the game. All of the Pokemon have different types.

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pokemon crystaldust screenshot

Download Pokemon CrystalDust ROM For GBA Emulator

Download ROM File Download Emulator

As we have already mentioned above the Crystal Dust is the hack version of the Emerald version. Therefore, you need a GBA emulator to play this game on Windows System. You will get the direct download link of the ROM file in the download section. There is also a GBA emulator link from where you can easily download the GBA Emulator. You can download the hack file with a single click without any verification. Our server supports the resume as well as direct fast downloading. So download the game now and enjoy the modified version of the Pokemon Emerald version.

How To Play The Pokemon Crystal Dust On Windows System

  1. Download the ROM file from the above direct Download link. and extract it on the Computer where you want to play.
  2. Also, download the Game Boy Advance Emulator like visual boy advance or any other you like.
  3. Install the emulator or run it if you have downloaded the portable one.
  4. Locate the ROM file from inside the emulator and click on the RUN button.
  5. Now start playing the hack version with full enjoyment.


As you already know the purpose of sharing this page is to provide the direct download link of Pokemon CrystalDust ROM. Which is the modified version of Pokemon Emerald ROM. On this page, you will find the ROM files as well as the GameBoy Advance emulator suggestions and links. The gameplay can be played in a day or night system which can make it a lot easier for you to play and discover new Pokemon and continue your adventures. So download the files now and enjoy the game on your Windows Computer.

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