Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y ROM

Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y ROM latest version download for GBA Emulator. This ROM is the hack of the Pokemon Emerald Version. This ROM hack was created by jovefreak1993 in the English language. It is a GBA version ROM hack. The Mega Emerald X and Y ROM version features over 15 new characters, as well as a variety of new areas to explore. Of course, there are also plenty of new monsters to catch and train, including the mythical Pokemon Yveltal. With hundreds of hours worth of content, there is plenty to discover in Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y! So download the game file with the GBA emulator & enjoy it on your Windows Computer.

ROM NamePokemon – Mega Emerald X and Y
File Size7.10 MB
ConsoleGameBoy Advance


Since its inception, the Pokemon franchise has captivated audiences all around the world with its unique blend of beloved characters, challenging battles, and engaging storyline. Now, fans can experience all of these elements in a whole new way with Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y ROM. This fan-made modification to the classic Pokemon games for the GBA system adds a slew of new content to an already beloved game. New Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y versions feature a bunch of new events and storylines to play through, as well as its features including the ability to have mega evolutions for all Pokemon. It also comes with a fully functional day & night system.

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Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y gameplay

Download Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y ROM For GBA Emulator

Download ROM File Download Emulator

You can easily download the Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Version for free by using the direct download link. As you know this is the mod of the Pokemon Emerald version. Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y is the ultimate enhanced edition of the popular GBA game. Mega Emerald X and Y ROM come with a new move called “Mega Evolution”, which allows the player to use a temporary type change to give their Pokemon incredible power. This also allows Pokemon that are normally only one type to have access to moves of another type. So what are you waiting for? Download Pokemon Mega Emerald X & Y and the GBA emulator to play the game on your PC.

How To Play The Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Version ROM On PC

  1. Download the Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y game file from the above high-speed link.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file in the system where you want to play.
  3. You will need a GBA emulator to play this hacked version of ROM.
  4. Also, download the GBA Emulator like VisualBoyAdvance or any other you like.
  5. Install the emulator or run it if you have downloaded the portable one.
  6. Then locate the ROM file from inside the emulator and click on the RUN button.
  7. Adjust the various settings like display and controls as you want before running the game.
  8. Now start playing the hack version with full enjoyment.


One of the latest entries into the series is Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y ROM. This game features an enhanced version of the original Emerald version with new content such as enhanced graphics, an improved battle system, and many other improvements that make this game stand out from other titles in the franchise. The main story revolves around a group of trainers from across Kanto trying to collect all eight gym badges and ultimately become champions of their respective regions by defeating Elite Four trainers. You also have the ability to choose from either the Hoenn or Kalos region map.

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