Pokemon Unbound ROM

Download Pokemon Unbound ROM for GBA Emulator. It is a hacked version of Pokemon FireRed. If you have played the FireRed version then you will enjoy the unbound version very much because it includes lots of ultimate features Such as Updated graphics, new difficulty modes, Different mission systems, etc. We are sharing the GBA ROM file of this game with you by which you can play this game on your Windows PC. The features above mentioned are available in the new version which is V2. And we are sharing the direct download link of it. So download the game now and enjoy it on your PC for free of cost. No hard configuration is there.

ROM NamePokemon – Unbound
File Size16.2 MB
ConsoleGameBoy Advance

Game Description

Pokemon Unbound is a rom hack of Pokemon FireRed. The game starts with you being able to pick the starter of your choice, instead of the traditional Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip. After you have chosen your starter, Professor Birch will come out and challenge you to a battle. Once you have defeated him, he will give you a Pokedex and tell you to go to Rustboro City. There will be a gym leader who will be waiting for you. After defeating, she will give you the Stone Badge and TM08. Then you reach Mauville City. Wally will ask for your help in catching a Ralts. If you agree to help, he will join your party and become a permanent member.

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pokemon unbound gameplay

Download Pokemon Unbound ROM V2 Latest For GBA Emulator

Download ROM File Download Emulator

If you are looking for some extra fun in the FireRed version then download the Unbound ROM. Because it includes unlimited features and provides more fun. You can easily play this game on your Windows PC by following simple steps. By clicking the below download link, you can download your desired game and enjoy it. Therefore we have shared this post. So what are you waiting for? just get what you are looking for.

How To Play Pokemon Unbound Version of Windows PC

  1. Download the ROM File as well as the emulator from the above download link.
  2. Extract the ZIP File and install the emulator first to configure the different options.
  3. Open the GBA emulator and adjust the display and controller settings according to your requirements.
  4. Locate the ROM file from inside the emulator and click on the Start button.
  5. Now enjoy playing the game for free on your Windows PC.


In conclusion, downloading the Pokémon Unbound ROM is a great way to enjoy the game without having to spend any money. It is also a great way to get introduced to the Pokémon world. If you are looking for a new game to play, I highly recommend downloading the Pokémon Unbound ROM.

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